A place of artistic inspiration that invites you to sit back, slow down and get into the Studio Mode.

Drawing inspiration from European fashion trends, local artisans and slow seaside towns, Studio Mode aims to house all aspects of styling. A nod to interiors, visual arts, clothing and literary studies as evocative elements, connecting through a common aesthetic conveyed by the modern woman.

The SM woman is the type with a great sense of style and the confidence to kill it. When she isn’t in full swing at a summer soirée, you’ll find her wearing a blank stare – lost in deep thought – or the kind of smile that eats you alive. Starry eyes and a honey tongue. Love letters and romance novels. Champagne and orange juice. She’s the perfect match.

Jamie-Lee Rowley founded the journal as a contemporary style outlet where fashion meets form and old meets new. An Australian-based writer and artist, she explores the conceptual and structural representation of the female body. Equipped with a Bachelor of Journalism and currently studying Fashion Business and Merchandising, she plays with the arrangement of words as she would with any other form.

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