Travel Mode: Austrian Alps


Innsbruck is one of the most picturesque locations I have ever visited. The streets are lined with old pastel-painted buildings, adding life to the humble town against the snow. Probably the best location worldwide for schnapps and chocolate (two of my favourite winter warmers) and home to Swarovski crystals.

After a Head Office tour – complete with crystal staircases – we explored the streets, ducking into stores filled with every flavour alcohol you could possibly suggest and the most stunning postcards we had managed to locate. We scrawled across a couple of cards with thick mitted hands, explaining that this was the most beautiful location we had ever seen, then addressed them and threw them into a nearby postbox.

In a high fashion store shortly after, my love for the pastel pink building above had clearly influenced my purchase choices. A pale pink leather midi skirt from MSGM still sits in the most valuable section of my wardrobe, reserved only for my most adored pieces.

This definitely wasn’t a location we were happy to tick off and move on from – in fact, we have loosely been throwing around the idea of moving here someday.

Ich werde bald genug von hier schreiben.


I’ll write from here soon enough.

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